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A dear friend asked me a heartfelt question the other day:

“Why do you keep posting things on social media about what’s happened to you and how you feel? I feel worried for you and don’t understand why you would make it public?”

I felt my passion rising, as I realised that it's been these sorts of questions that have stopped me from freely writing and being more visible in my life before. The fear of creating negative judgement, or confusion, or dislike in others.

To my surprise, this was the reply that spontaneously came:

Because I’ve been silenced to some degree or another my whole life, as I believe we all have in our current society and I’m now taking a stand for my voice, my stories, my thoughts and feelings. I will not be silenced anymore, and whilst I know that it will repel some, it will also deeply support some people and that’s what has been happening - people have reached out to me publicly and privately sharing how my posts have been helpful for them in some way.

I also said that I too am learning. I am finding my feet: what is too much to share, what is not enough, and learning how to protect myself and those who might be involved in the sharing. I know I get it wrong sometimes, and I’ve had to retract posts, apologise occasionally or see in myself that it was too much and triggered something in me. And of course I can always write the post and let it settle, not share it immediately. 

But unless I show up and actually take action, I will never learn, and never grow and never be able to give voice to myself and my stories, my insights and wisdom so that they may benefit others.

For me, this is my path. I know my life is dedicated to helping others stand in their power, and I can’t do that to the depth I know I am capable of without standing in the fire myself. Without facing my fears of rejection, making mistakes, being vulnerable and learning.

That’s why I shared my story in a one woman show, why I shared my poems and performed my raps, why I show up on video ads, post reels, that’s why I post photos of myself and share stories and that’s why I share all our new offers here at SCALE.

I'm a creative and creatives need to be visible - that’s part of their job! No one makes music from their heart to sit in their room alone and listen to it. No one makes art that expresses themselves deeply to be put up in a dark cupboard, no one writes the stories inside them so that they can read them themselves before bed every night.

Of course not all art is for sharing everywhere ALL of the time, but I believe that creatives - whatever form - want to connect with other people. Make sense of this world together. And we can’t do that if we continue to hide.

I know I can’t please everyone and believe me, I’ve tried conforming and placing myself to be the biggest and juiciest strawberry in the pack - but there will always be people who simply hate strawberries! I can’t please everyone and no one can. So I can be myself - show up and follow my heart’s calling. Which is to write, to sing, to share, to connect, and to empower fearlessness in others.

If we all shine our unique light then we can all come out of the darkness together.

What is your experience of this? 

Here's to us all exploring our unique gifts and not shying away from sharing them with the world.
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