About Us

SCALE is a music industry company, made by musicians for musicians. Pete and Indi Mills formed SCALE in 2018 with the goal of helping all the incredibly talented musicians they knew, navigate the trials and tribulations of being a self releasing artist in the 21st century. In 2021 Jeion joined to help bring this incredible service to all musicians who are ready to go on the journey of their musical life, and become a recording artist.

Let’s face it:
  •  organising the creation, development, recording, mixing and mastering of your record takes a lot of knowledge and skill
  • Understanding your unique brand and having an extensive plan to execute a professional marketing plan, that attracts your audience, is difficult. 
  • Transforming into a real recording artist takes monumental commitment, consistency, and deep inner work.

The above is what we do at SCALE with the pioneering approach we call:


Our flagship programme AMPLIFY takes artists step by step through every aspect of the journey. Both lean and streamlined when getting you from A-B, and beautifully granular when taking you on the deep dives you need to level up, AMPLIFY creates fully functioning artists with their own unique world.

So who are we?

Indi is a Transformational Coach and has worked with some of the top coaches in the world, including Steve Hardison and Rich Litvin. She is also a creative herself, and her deep understanding of what life is like when we don’t honour our soul’s purpose drives her to support musicians in SCALE to follow their heart and unleash their power through their calling, their music. With 16 years of spiritual practice, a London MA in Drama And Movement Therapy, 5 years of coaching musicians directly, plus a certification in HeartHealing - Indi is known for transforming musicians into artists, from the inside out. Indi creates life-long results by working on a deep level, helping musicians break through the hidden limiting beliefs that stop them from shining. 

Pete is a virtuoso pianist, published composer, producer and master collaborator (Ninja Tune, Hang Massive, LF system, Native Instruments, Arturia to name a few). Pete also has a long history of performing and has toured the world. An expert in musical analysis, Pete is capable of revealing the genetic make up of any piece of music so that its secrets can be shared.

Jeion is a producer, mix engineer, DJ, nightclub promoter and guitarist, who has spent the last 20 years gigging and releasing music professionally. A veteran of the UK math rock scene with his band Axes, there is nothing Jeion doesn't know about being a signed artist on the road, in the studio, on a video shoot or on the promotion circuit.

Everything you’ll find in the SCALE programmes is the essence of what the three of us have learned in the last 20 years (so 60 years worth of experience!). We have all been on the journey and rode the ups and downsn- the life-changing moments of thousands of people singing your music back to you, the sobering failures and scrapes with the hard-nosed industry.

And that’s why we made SCALE. Because we think how amazing it would have been to have mentors like us guiding us through the trials of the quest, whilst providing shelter and support from the arduous journey that is becoming a recording artist.

What we have created is our life’s work and we are very proud to present it to you in a way where you’ll transform as a person, transform as an artist, and transform your music career: 

See you on the inside

Indi, Pete and Jeion 
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