Finish Your Song in 30 minutes

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Are you someone who creates and creates but never finishes? Or have you had a song for ages that you just can't seem to finish? If so you're in for a treat with a clear strategy at last!

You simply have to crack the art of finishing songs so you can build your confidence and release music consistently.

So, without further ado, how can you finish your track TODAY? 

1. Start by identifying the genre, style and instrumentation of your track. If it's currently just vocals and piano / guitar, think about how the finished production should sound.

2. Now find a reference track by a commercial artist of your choice. It should be something with similar instrumentation and in the same genre of music. Make sure you love the track and wish you had written it!

3. Now get a pen, and whilst listening to the track write down the structure. e.g. Intro, verse, instrumental, verse 2, bridge, chorus, instrumental, middle 8, double chorus

4. Now go back and write down how many bars each of these sections last.

So, now you have a structural roadmap. Then, together with learning from your reference (note we're not copying here, we're gaining insights on what makes it so great):

Finalise your structure. Maybe your verses are too short? Maybe you need a bridge? Maybe you have too many sections?

Subtract. What can I get rid of? Which instruments mask more important ones? What if I drop the drums here, and expose the vocal here? 

Add variation. When a song isn't working it's tempting to add more to try and fix the problem. However it's much more effective to have repetition but add variation along the way, e.g. difference in performance or slight variation in melody

Decide on tempo. A change of even 1 bpm can make a big difference. Take the time to find the right tempo and everything will sit right. 

Have fun and finish that song that’s been lingering around for so long... you’ll feel so much more positive about it!
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